Don't miss out on the chance to experience Monserrate at night

For me, the best time to go up Monserrate is right before sunset. That way you get to see the view both during the day and at night. If you're lucky, you even get to see an amazing sunset. Each time I climb the mountain I am welcomed by a unique experience, and tonight was no exception. I don't think I've ever been up there on a Monday night before. It was so peaceful. A little surreal. A sword-billed hummingbird welcomed me as I got off the tram, night jars called in the distance and some even flew above my head before letting me get close enough to take a few shots. A group of friends sat on the steps leading up to the sanctuary, one strumming on a guitar while the others sang along. City

Expoartesanías in Bogotá is not to be missed!

If you happen to be visiting Bogota in December, Expoartesanías is an absolute must. Give yourself half a day to explore the exhibits because there really is so much to see. Looking for something to take back home with you? This is the best place to find it. You can find genuine, authentic handicrafts for much less than you would in souvenir stores and markets around the city. And if you think the prices are a little steep for sling bags or small woven vases, try asking the vendor how long it takes to make. Once you find out that a $25 item takes nearly a month to create, you will start to appreciate the price tags and possibly even feel guilty for trying to bargain. After a few hours of bro

Tolerance in Houston, an artistic reminder!

A visit to Houston is not complete without a stroll (or bike ride) along the Buffalo Bayou. The park is currently undergoing a major rejuvenation project, with art becoming one of its primary features. One of my favorite installations is "Tolerance", a collection of 7 sculptures by Spanish artist Jaume Plensa that serves as a gentle reminder to passersby of the quest for harmony in the midst of Houston's diversity. The best part about Houston for me is its incredible diversity, something few outsiders know little about. In 2012, the city was named the most ethnically diverse large metropolitan area in the country, surpassing New York. What does this mean for Houstonians? Great food, great m

Treat yourself to a little bit of weird and wacky at the Art Car Museum in Houston

I remember the first time I saw the art cars parading down Allen Parkway. I had never seen anything like it. They were so unique and fascinating, right up to the finest detail. With more art cars than any other city, Houston is often referred to as the 'Art Car Capital', and the art car parade is an annual event that's not to be missed. However, If you're not able to make the parade and see the cars in all their glory, the Art Car Museum is the next best thing. It's actually one of my favorite spots to visit. Even if you´re not into museums, this one is sure to catch your interest. It´s relatively small so you probably wouldn´t need more than an hour to see everything, and the exhibits are c

Teatro Colón: a historical treasure in Bogotá

El Teatro Colón is a National Monument and place of great cultural and historical significance for the people of Bogotá. It was designed by Italian architect Pietro Cantini and was first inaugurated in 1892. In 2008 the theater closed for rennovations, re-opening again in 2014. The six year restoration project included new electric & hydraulic systems, flame restardant seating, restoration of some of the artwork and the original colours (yellow & salmon), as well as the removal of a chandelier made in 1948 in favour of the original. The theater is very impressive and yet few visitors even know it exists, let alone residents. It has recently become the new home of the National Symphony, but i

Starting over seems like a fitting way to kick off 2015

For some of us, starting over isn't an option, but rather a necessity. Before leaving for Houston for the holidays I backed up my computer to my 3TB hard drive and packed it back up for safe storage. When I got home, I unpacked it and attached it to my computer. It powered up like normal but all of a sudden it wouldn't read anymore. I tried it on another computer and the same thing happened. Then I took it to a computer store and they couldn't access any data either. They told me to go to a place that would charge around $200 per GB to try to recover the data. Data loss for anyone is a pretty big blow. Losing tens of thousands of photos for a photographer is like getting hit by a freight tra

Take a walk into Houston's past at Sam Houston Park

Situated on the edge of downtown beneath the towering modern skyscrapers, lie some of the city's oldest structures. The Heritage Society at Sam Houston Park is a fascinating place to visit and yet it is so often overlooked by both locals and visitors alike. The stark contrast of old vs new, coupled with beautiful natural elements and a sense of tranquility are just some of the reasons why this happens to be my new favorite spot in Houston for photo shoots. The Museum Gallery has free admission and is open from 10am - 4pm Tuesday through Saturday. They also offer Historic Structure Tours for a fee that will take you through the homes. Tours run 4 times per day at a cost of $15 per person with

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