The Best of Nature at Houston's Arboretum

If you happen to be near Memorial Park, why not take a break to enjoy a walk on the wild side at the Houston Arboretum & Nature Center. Explore a maze of trails and don't forget to pay attention to the small details. There is a lot to be discovered. The first time I visited was during a cold, winter morning. Although most of the trees had lost their leaves, I was still surprised at the beauty surrounding me. On this particular occasion, there also happened to be an incredible amount of birds, most of them migratory. The last time I visited was in April this year. The forest was lush, the weather warmer and the mosquitos out in full force. There weren't as many birds, but I was welcomed by va

Exploring Bogotá's Urban Wetlands: Humedal de Córdoba, Sector 2

After a successful Internations event to Sector 3 in January, everyone kept asking when we would be going back to visit the newly renovated Sector 2. So in May, that's just what we did... If you love birds, Sector 2 is probably your best option! Although significantly smaller than Sector 3, the trail offers numerous viewpoints that allow you to get much closer to the water's edge. During our recent visit, one of the first viewpoints awarded us with sitings of a hummingbird, oriole, flower piercer, ruddy duck and 4 paraqueets. Continuing further, we saw dozens of yellow tinguas (American Coot), red tinguas (Common Gallinule) and even a female blue tingua (Purple Gallinule) emerged from the re

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