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8 steps to enjoying your day at the best beach on San Andrés Island

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

One of my favorite things to do in San Andrés is to just sit back and enjoy my surroundings. and San Luis beach is the perfect place for that! Here are 8 steps to help you make the best of your day:

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Step 1. Get there early and grab yourself a beach chair at the Grog

Step 2. Order some fruta de pan (breadfruit) with cuero (sour cream)

Step 3. Leave your stuff at the restauarnt and take a walk through the shallow water to Rocky Cay for some snorkeling and a close-up view of the shipwreck

Step 4. Order some lunch and pair it with a delicious cocktail (I forget their names now but my personal favorites are the ones with amarula and gin)

Step 5. Take a nap on the beach or lay out in the sun

Step 6. Spend some time wading in the calm water (so calm it's like being in a swimming pool)

Step 7. Take a walk along the beach to San Luis village

Step 8. Watch the sunset while sipping on a coco loco from the nearby reggae hut

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