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Exploring Bogotá's Urban Wetlands: Humedal Salitre

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

This hidden gem has always been one of my favorite wetlands. It's tucked in the far back end of the sports complex across from Simón Bolivar park, meaning that visitors are few and far between.

Unlike wetlands such as Conejera and Cordoba, the Salitre Wetland is much smaller and has only recently been granted wetland status. In fact, the body of water you see today was actually the product of an excavation realized in the 60s and 70s that intended to create a lake for recreational boating. With the passing years it transformed into a flourishing wetland ecosystem that is now home to thousands of species of flora and flora.

The Bogotá Ornithology Association has recorded an incredible 81 species in roughly 6.4 hectares of territory. I recently visited as part of a sunday bike ride through the city, and despite the water level being significantly low due to an unusually dry season, I still managed to see a couple of near-endemic Rufous-browed conebill, a Vermillion flycatcher, Purple gallinule, Yellow-hooded blackbird & Tropical kingbird, amongst other species.

The wetland is open to the public daily and can be freely accessed from within Parque RecreoDeportivo El Salitre. For more information you can visit Humedales Bogotá.

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